African Mail Order Brides

African Mail Order Brides

African girls and African women are simply lovely, caring and of course black! Perhaps the whole mail order bride story started with Russia and Asia, but for those who simply love Black girls and Africa there was nothing in for them. Now with African Mail Order Brides there is. The combination of black, caring, warm, honest, beautiful, elegant and sexy african girls appealing to everyone and because of their disadvantaged economy, many girls were looking for a Western husband to create a family or simply to have a better life and great life partner to travel. And from Africa of course you have the many scams which just want to get your money, so better to use trusted sources and websites. However times have changed and the world changed, so now it is time to shift from a African Mail Order bride to simply African online Dating, where you will find nicer girls, better girls, more honest girls and at much lower prices and with Love from Africa – the continent of nature and wildlife.

Why to avoid African mail order brides?

Well simply because it is an outdated concept, very expensive, a lot of scams related to this African mail order brides and African Dating online is much better, cheaper and higher chance of success! Believe me, I/we tried everything in the past related to mail order brides and now also with dating and the second option is simply much more successful and leads to more quality relationships. We can advise you to use the African Dating site called as a fair, reliable and quality online dating site focuses on connecting beautiful African ladies with single men around the world.

Where to find the most beautiful African girls for marriage?

Well let’s be honest you will not find the most beautiful African girls for a serious relationship or marriage in the strip clubs or in dance bars. You will also not find the online in African porn videos or African webcam sites. Good girls you can meet on the street in Africa or in social clubs, but the best and most efficient way is a African Dating site as this is cost effective and these girls also look like you for marriage or serious relationship and not just sexual encounters.


African Love forever! Finding and dating a African women is the first step, but then it is aim at making her fall in love with you. Let’s discuss the do’s and don’t in dating African women or girls.

  • be elegant and let her be the woman and care for you. You can give her orders in a nice way as African girls love to care for you because they love and adore you.
  • don’t push for sex or kiss on the first date. African women are little bit slow and elegant in the beginning, but afterwards they are all yours.
  • be attentive and listen to her, they love that. You don’t need to buy flowers on first date, but they love it.
  • Don’t be afraid if there is silence on the first date. Don’t get nervous. English is not her mother tongue.
  • Be strong and confident, African girls love that.
Sex tips for a successful marriage with a African girl

It is well known that African girls love sex, you simply have to watch African porn for that. One general rule is that African women love soft and careful men and little softer sex than western women. African women in general same size in proportion and so you need to handle that careful, but they prefer long sex over hard sex. Also they love a hard dick, so it is very advisable to use Viagra or Cialis or Kamagra and even Cialis Black so you don’t disappoint her and to have a great sexlife. Also they are very open for sex toys as sex shops are widely available in African (Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa etc..) and widely used. Again be confident that you know what she likes, but avoid anal sextoys, as in the African culture anal sex is not so common, but women will love you so buy sexytoys online, not for your first date or second but for the future. Ask what she loves and excites, buy sexy lingerie which the African lady simply love and adore!


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Not ready for marriage, but want to enjoy African ladies?

Love African and Black girls, but if you are not ready for a serious relationship or marriage with a African lady, fortunately there are many things to do with Africa for you to enjoy! Firstly you could go travel to Africa, however because of the distance and current COVID and political situation this is very difficult and only for the hardcore travellers. However there are many African girls online which would love to have fun with you, without having a serious relationship. For example the webcam girls from Africa at are very open minded or your could try many Africa teen girls at You will surprised how much fun you gonna have and how sexy and hot they are and who knows after some time you will fall in love OR you feel you are ready for a serious relationship with a Black African girl.

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